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About LB Altimeters

LB Altimeters is dedicated to bringing skydivers the best in audible and visual altimeter technology. Since our beginning, we have applied the latest technology, innovations, and user-friendly features to our products with one thing in mind... YOU!

Starting with the Original DYTTER™, we have come a long way and now offer a wide range of audible and visual altimeters, including the feature packed ProTrack II™ and the rugged Ares II™

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and new ways to apply them to our line of audible and visual altimeters so that YOU get the highest quality, innovative and accurate instruments available for skydiving.

We welcome any suggestions, ideas, or concerns that you have regarding our products and services. Input from skydivers drives us to build the best audible and visual altimeters in skydiving!

LB Altimeters is known the world over for producing the most accurate and highest quality electronic altimeters for skydivers. LB Altimeters is a leader in the sport with our broad range of audible and visual altimeters. Visit all of our product pages to learn more about the best skydiving instruments available to skydivers or go straight to our online webstore to purchase accessories for your LB products.

LB Altimeters History

In the mid-1970s, Niels Brusgaard and Mads Larsen, both pioneers in the early stages of relative work in Denmark, found they were having so much flying with others, they would forget to look at their altimeters.

Being mechanical and electronic engineers, they soon came up with the idea of making an audible alarm which would sound at a preset altitude to warn that it was time to track away and open the canopy. To speed things up in developing this new idea, it was easiest to "borrow" grandmother’s wall barometer and connect a switch, battery, and loudspeaker module to it. By adjusting the distance from the aneroid to the switch, the altitude when the warning should sound could be controlled.

The first, bulky prototypes worked as planned and a small production series of 10 units was immediately sold to local skydivers. Later the same year, Niels and Mads, as members of the Danish National 8-way team, participated in the International Championship in France and brought several more prototypes with them. They all sold immediately!

Now it was time to think big! The prototype should be made into a nice-looking, compact sport instrument. Soon the company LARSEN & BRUSGAARD was founded and the first production series of the "DYTTER" was started. This model sold well for many years and eventually newer models (ProDytter and ProTrack) were developed. These new designs could sound more than one warning signal. The ProTrack was also an innovative freefall computer featuring the ability to store data during freefall, create an onboard digital logbook and the ability to analyze data on a computer.

We are continually developing new models and now offers a wide range of products, which includes both audible and visual altimeters. Today’s LB Altimeters satisfy all the skydivers’ needs from the novice to belly flyers, head down, freefly, swoop, wingsuit and even the tactical military jumper.