Ares II scheduled maintenance

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Maintenance includes: Upgrade to latest firmware, New battery, New backlight Waterproff test and Vacuum chamber test

ship the unit to:
Ledreborg Alle 28
4000 Roskilde

Please add a note with known issues or technical problems.

Return shipment is not included. Remember to add return shipment to your order (see below under the features tab)

LB recommends a service interval of 4,8 and 12 years after purchase of all tactical altimeters. Reference instrument: Omega HHP-360A (or other calibrated pressure device with a millibar readout)


  • Turn on altimeter and check start up millibar pressure matches reference instrument
  • Place reference instrument and altimeter(s) in a vacuum chamber
  • Watch that they are both showing the same readout throughout the simulated jump

If there is no discrepancy compared to the manual there is no need to return the unit for service

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