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Research & Development


Our engineers have developed our visual and audible altimeters based on over 45 years of skydiving experience, in depth knowledge in barometric pressure sensors, and microprocessor technology. With our extensive background in skydiving, we have the ultimate platform to build the best and most reliable products for skydivers.


We maintain a close relationship with our sub-contractors to ensure the highest quality for any components we outsource.

When we receive electronic circuit boards a visual inspection is performed in two steps:

We start with a visual inspection, verifying that the soldering quality and component placement meet our high standards. Next, we randomly select a couple circuit boards from each panel of boards and check each under a powerful microscope to further verify the soldering quality and other parameters.

Once these inspections are done, other components, like the LCD display, backlight, special connectors, motors, etc. are installed.

When finished, each completed circuit board is mounted on a sophisticated automatic test stand where the microprocessors are loaded with software and parameters such as, current consumption and pressure sensor modules specs are controlled.

Each completed circuit board is then put in the casing where a mechanical control procedure is performed ensuring that the casings snap correctly into place.

Finally, batteries are installed and functioning of control buttons is verified.

We randomly pick units from each finished batch for additional inspection and testing in our pressure chamber to verify that all tolerances are within specifications.

Additional functional tests are performed before packaging and shipping to the distributors.

We do all this to ensure you receive the most reliable and accurate altimeters available in skydiving.