Service Center (outside Europe)

If you need service for an LB Altimeter and are outside of Europe, you’re in the right place!

For service inside of Europe, please visit our European Service Center website at

Serviceable Altimeters

LB Altimeters that ARE serviceable:

See our Warranty Policy and Maintenance Pricing below.

  • ARES II and original ARES
  • ALTITRACK with firmware version 1.07 or higher. (Firmware version shown on LCD on back of unit when powering up)

VISO II NOTICE: Case and outer plastic display replacements are provided at a charge, but beyond that the Viso II is no longer serviceable. LCD screens are not repairable for the Viso II.

Altimeters that are no longer serviceable

LB models that are no longer serviceable:

Please don’t send these in

  • Original VISO, OPTIMA and SOLO
  • Original ProTrack
  • Original Dytter and ProDytter
  • ALTITRACK with firmware below 1.07. (Firmware version shown on LCD on back of unit when powering up)

Warranty Policy

All LB Altimeters are covered under a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. To receive warranty repair or replacement, a Proof of Purchase (PoP) must be provided showing the altimeter was purchased within the past 2 years. Once we receive the altimeter with PoP, it will be repaired/replaced and returned at no cost to the customer.

Water damage on non-waterproof models and negligent use will void the warranty.

To learn more about our warranty policy, please click here.

Maintenance Pricing

Service Warranty < 2 years with PoP Non-Warranty 2-9 years or no PoP
Repair $0 $50/$80

Customers pay for return shipping on non-warranty repair/replacements. Shipping charges do not apply for devices in the warranty period and with proof of purchase within 2 years.


Order a warranty repair

For warranty repairs please contact us using this form
or call +1 (832) 310-7615.

Order a non-warranty repair

To order a non-warranty repair, please go to this page.

When ordering repair of your faulty unit the amount will be reserved on your credit card. Once the repairability of the unit has been established, the amount will be deducted.