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All products and accessories that are sold or manufactured by LB Altimeters with no guarantee accepted for defects in every respect. The Makers also refuse to accept any liability on User's part for damage caused by ill-treatment of any product or for personal injuries or equivalents of any kind due to faults in production and material. LB Altimeters will, if Buyer rejects the above purchase conditions, reimburse purchase price in full by return of unused product or accessory within 30 days from the original date of purchase.


II As of January 1st, 2018, LB Altimeters no longer service or repair VISO II unlessthe unit has been purchased from an LB official dealer within 2 years. This means, that the customer has to pay for the repair and the shipping of all LB units that are more than 2 years old unless the customer can show an official invoice from an authorized dealer. This is especially true of broken cases on all units.



LB Altimeters retains the exclusive right to either repair or replace the unit with a "newly-overhauled" (NOH) unit or new unit at its sole discretion. The same policy shall apply to software.

The following units are no longer under warranty:

  • Original VISO, OPTIMA and SOLO with the side button battery compartment
  • Original PROTRACK
  • Original DYTTER
  • ALTITRACK with firmware below 1.07. Firmware version is shown on the LCD on the back of the unit when powering up



VISO II+: Freeze on landing: The unit needs to be updated to the latest firmware.


  • Batteries MUST be Renata CR 2325, not clones from China. We have seen numerous 'failing' units that work properly with the right batteries and the right reset.
  • Installment of the right batteries and the right reset.
  • Master reset when reaching 999 jumps. The VISO II+ will not count above 999: Middle button pressed while doing a reset. Keep pressing the button until beeps are done.



  1. Send an email to one of our service centers explaining the problem and include pictures (if available). See below for email address
  2. If the problem cannot be resolved by email correspondance or by sending spare parts, the unit must be sent in for service. Audibles and Visos can be sent in padded envelopes as registered letters which is the cheapest shipping method. Altitracks should be boxed to protect the more delicate parts in this instrument.
  3. Please see below for your service center address:

Europe: lbserviceeu.com

USA: lbserviceus.com



LB Altimeters nor its agents, employees, owners, field representatives or dealers accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or death while using our products. The user of our products accepts the risks involved in skydiving as being inherently dangerous and that sometimes skydiving can cause injury and even death.

The following conditions apply:

If within 24 months of the purchase of your instrument, a defect or damage is identified by faulty manufacture, LB Altimeters will repair the unit at no cost the end user.

To make a claim under this warranty, send the unit to an authorized dealer or directly to LB Altimeters together with the dated purchase invoice or receipt.

The warranty becomes void if damage is caused by external circumstances or if the unit has been serviced or repaired by third parties unauthorized by our national agents or LB Altimeters.

All further claims, especially for defects after skydiving accidents, are excluded.

LB Altimeters has no obligation to honor any extension of warranty granted by any national agent.



The buyer and user of LB Altimeters instruments indemnify the manufacturer and vendor from any liability for damage incurred before, during or after skydiving with the instrument.